Woman project

As part of our firm belief in social responsibility and the empowerment of women in our community, we have undertaken a life-changing project. We work with courageous women, many of whom are heads of households, single mothers or who find themselves unemployed due to their age. These women, gifted with determination and skills, have often explored small entrepreneurial ideas that, unfortunately, are often not stable in the long term. Now, we give them the opportunity to be part of our initiative where they sell delicious chocochips and get a fair commission for each sale.

This project is not just about cookies, but about empowerment, financial independence and creating a brighter future for these women. We provide them with the tools, support and a solid platform to develop their entrepreneurial skills, giving them the opportunity to generate significant and sustainable income. We are proud to be part of this transformation and to see these women, who have faced countless challenges, thrive in an environment that values their contribution and talent. Together, we share the taste of success and the sweetness of empowerment.


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