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to my world of cookies!

My name is Caty Frenkel and I want to take you on a journey through my venture: The Cookie Concept. This is more than just cookies; it’s a story of passion, family, and a yearning to indulge in something exceptional.

It all started with my frustration at not finding a cookie that met my expectations, as I wanted something gourmet. As a mom, a professional, a wife, and a lover of sweets, I wanted something beyond the ordinary. I craved a sweet treat that was delicious, high quality, and not too sweet or greasy, something I could enjoy without feeling guilty.

My love of baking and my desire to maintain a family tradition led me to create my own cookies at home. Sharing these treats with friends and family became a beautiful habit. But my entrepreneurial journey really sparked when a friend tried my oatmeal peanut chocolate chip cookies and was delighted. She suggested I could have a business with these unique and delicious cookies.

For me, entrepreneurship was not only an opportunity to create exceptional cookies but also a way to spend more time with my daughter and generate income for my family.

Thus, The Cookie Concept was born, a venture that fuses my passion for baking with my desire to stay healthy and enjoy being a mom. My gourmet cookies are the result of creating unique recipes, not cloying or greasy, with careful attention to quality. Each cookie is a culinary masterpiece, an invitation to immerse yourself in an experience of happiness and authentic flavor.

At The Cookie Concept, you will not only find cookies, but also my story of dedication, family love, and my commitment to offer a special, quality product. Every bite is a journey to happiness. So, if you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a unique experience, I offer you a different, healthier, and extremely delicious cookie. Don’t wait any longer to try this gourmet cookie that will change your concept of what a cookie can be!

With this venture, we want to reflect the concept of gourmet cookies, using high-quality ingredients and taking great care in the preparation of unique and exclusive cookies. Additionally, we want the consumer not only to eat a cookie but to live an experience that generates happiness, makes them feel good, and want to repeat it. We aim to avoid the frustration of spending money to receive a product that does not meet their expectations.

We don’t skimp on the main ingredient either because there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a chocolate chip cookie with just a few chocolate chips and a dull dough, or a nut cookie that’s lacking in nuts.

At The Cookie Concept, we also don’t forget about those who prefer savory cookies and people with special diets. Our menu includes saltine crackers, gluten-free cookies, cookies with no added cane sugar, as well as frozen doughs and cookies to bake at home.

We consider customer service and attention to detail as important as the product itself. As much as we focus on baking delicious and high-quality cookies, we also put enormous care and dedication into our customers’ wishes and requests.

We bake our cookies to order so that they arrive freshly baked. If you want to make your own, remember to contact us 24 hours in advance. If you want more than one type of cookie, your order must be placed 48 hours in advance. This allows us to organize all orders and deliver your cookies fresh and on time.

If you haven’t tried our cookies yet and want to, we offer you a discount coupon for your first purchase, just write to us!


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