Cookie Basics 1

Cookie Basics 1


In the world of baking, creating delicious cookies goes beyond following recipes. The key lies in the initial preparation, known as “Mise en Place”, which organizes all the elements necessary for culinary success. For beginners in baking, it’s crucial to know the essentials, from accurately measuring ingredients to choosing utensils.

Get ready to discover, in this first part of Cookie Basics, the secrets that will transform your baking creations into irresistible masterpieces!

Initial Preparation (Mise en Place):

The mise en place refers to the initial preparation phase refers to how you organize yourself before tackling a recipe. The central idea is to gather all the necessary elements, both equipment and ingredients, and organize them beforehand. This means reading the recipe ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the terms and techniques, starting with a clean kitchen, and making sure you have everything within reach.

Essential Elements for Baking Cookies:

To make cookies, it is essential to have the following elements, especially if you are taking your first steps in the world of baking:

Kitchen scale:

Choose to measure ingredients by weight to maintain consistent measurements and ensure consistency in your recipes.

Exclusive cookie tray:

Use it exclusively for this purpose, avoiding mixing odors from other foods.

Measuring spoons and cups:

Useful in recipes that use volumetric measurements; you can later use the scale to convert to grams.

Hand mixer:

An alternative if you don’t have an electric mixer, although it will require more effort to achieve the right consistency in the dough.


Practice for separating the dough from the walls of the container; if you don´t have one, you can also use a spoon.


Economical and essential for sifting dry ingredients, eliminating impurities and lumps, in addition to incorporating air into the mixture.

Cookie cooling rack:

Practical utensil to guarantee uniform cooling of the cookies, allowing air circulation above and below, avoiding changes in their texture when cooling them on a plate.

The art of baking cookies goes beyond following recipes; it involves meticulous preparation and understanding of key elements. From the “Mise en Place” concept to the precise choice of ingredients, every detail matters. We encourage culinary lovers to creatively explore and apply this knowledge to sharp their baking skills, turning each bake into a delicious and satisfying experience. Baking with passion and precision is the key to creating irresistible cookies!



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