Cookies for Santa Claus

Why do we leave cookies for Santa Claus under the Christmas tree?

In many countries around the world, children write a list of gifts for Santa Claus (or Santa Claus, as he is known in other countries), and hope that this iconic character will leave their presents under the tree for having behaved well throughout the year. This tradition can be accompanied by another fun custom, which is to leave cookies and milk.

Where does it come from and how did this tradition arise? Apparently it dates back to the 13th century in the Netherlands, where the Dutch, from the recipe of a well-known gingerbread, created caramel and nut cookies, which were very common for the feast of St. Nicholas, on December 6.

With the arrival of the first Dutch to the English colonies in America, their traditions, including those of cookies, were mixed with the American culture, including leaving cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, so he could eat something and go on his way without getting exhausted. Another version says that they leave them as a token of appreciation for his gifts.

Just as other traditions have merged with local ones, in Latin America this custom has also been adopted little by little. In addition to writing their list of gifts to Santa Claus, many children look forward to leaving cookies and milk under the tree, hoping to wake up the next day, see their gifts, and realize that the glass and plate are empty. But do you know what Santa’s favorite cookies are?

These are his favorite cookies!

Although there is currently no unique cookie recipe for this endearing custom, we know that Santa Claus needs a lot of energy to complete his very long journey of delivering presents, and he is also a number one fan of chocolate. We have received from direct sources from the North Pole, that he loves chocolate vanilla cookies, but not the traditional chocochips, but cookies with real chocolate chips.

At The Cookie Concept we want to be, together with you and your family, part of this beautiful tradition. That’s why we have prepared a kit specially designed for Santa Claus, with his favorite cookies: the Chocochunk.

In the kit you will find everything you need to leave this delicious snack for Santa Claus, as it includes these delicious vanilla cookies with chocolate chips, milk and the Christmas plate and glass.

With this kit for Santa Claus, you’ll be helping him to have the energy he needs to continue his long journey. You can find it here.


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