Interview in La Buena Mesa

I am sharing with you the interview we did some time ago at La Buena Mesa.

How did your interest in baking cookies come about?

I have always loved baking, especially eating it. The interest was born with my mom, because she used to bake delicious treats at home. For Christmas she always baked delicious cookies, different from what you could find in the market. I still keep that habit; so I have been baking cookies since I was a child.

How was your venture born and how has it been going so far?

The idea came by chance, when a friend tried my oatmeal cookies with peanuts and chocolate chips, and she loved them. She asked me if I sold them, I told her that I had only made them for my family, but that I would be happy to make some for her.

She suggested that I could start a venture with this type of cookies, because they were delicious and different from what was on the market. So I started to include other recipes, with the idea of offering gourmet cookies that were not cloying or greasy; since, in Cuenca, I could not find a product that met these characteristics. My interest is to offer a different and healthier option to the type of cookies existing in the city.

The inspiration to create The Cookie Concept came from being able to be there for my little daughter (who is also my assistant baker), and to dedicate part of my time to an activity that I love.

Like all entrepreneurship you have to be patient, things don’t happen overnight. However, I can say that I have been fortunate so far; after a year of having started, since I have a lot of very positive comments from them, which I could summarize in that they love my cookies.

What are your favorite cookies and what would be your recommendation for someone who wants to place their first cookie order? Which ones would you recommend?

I love chocolate; my favorite ones are the pure chocolate ones… it’s like eating a brownie made cookie. For a first order I would recommend going for what your instinct tells you first, that is, the cookie that catches your attention, and that has a lot to do with tastes for specific ingredients and eating styles.

I recommend the light, gluten-free line and the almond marzipans, for those who don’t want or can’t eat sugar or are allergic to gluten.

The line of chocolate cookies for chocoholics, because in these recipes I include pieces of real chocolate in the cookies.

For the children I have created a line of cookies to decorate, where I include cookies in the shape of Galapagos sea animals and animals from the forests of Ecuador. They love them and have a lot of fun decorating them.

For people who don’t have a sweet tooth and prefer salty things, I recommend the line of salt crackers, which includes a good variety of flavors in crackers and cookies, such as cheese, rosemary, oregano, garlic, chili, etc.

The most popular crackers are the pure chocolate and lemon crackers. Cheese crackers are the most popular.

What would be your recommendation for someone who wants to start a gastronomic venture today?

I sum it up for you in these words:

  1. Love for what you do.
  2. Offer something different and that does not exist in the market.
    Excellent customer service.
  3. Listening to the consumer and asking for feedback.
  4. Dedication and perseverance.
  5. Quality, quality, quality.

How do you see the future of the gastronomy industry in Ecuador?

I think it has a lot of potential, especially in ventures that take into account the characteristics I mentioned above. People always come back if they find something worth paying for; as long as you get quality in return.



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