Our first cookie

It all started with the oatmeal, peanut and chocolate cookie!





Looking back, I find it amazing what a little bit of oatmeal, peanuts and chocolate can forge with the help of some luck. I’ve always baked cookies for my family, and among our favorites are oatmeal peanut chocolate chip cookies. I also made this recipe to take to get-togethers with friends, and once, at a breakfast we hosted with friends at the gym, I decided to bring them as a nutritious post-workout snack. At the end of the meeting, our trainer took a couple home, and on the way he shared one of these cookies with a neighbor. She was delighted! So much so, that the trainer passed her my contact and she called me to ask if I sold them. I explained that I made them for my family and friends, but that I would be happy to make her some.

This is Joshe Saldaña, who also attended the same gym, but on a different schedule. She told me that I would do well selling my cookies, because they were delicious. At first I took it as a big compliment, but then I took it seriously and started selling that cookie recipe. At the same time, I started creating other recipes to have a small variety of cookies to offer to the public.

Many ideas began to emerge for my cookie venture, among them, the concept of cookies that did not cloy the consumer, since that happened to me with all the cookies I tasted in the store. Likewise, I wanted to offer cookies that did not skimp on the star ingredient, since it was also very common to find cookies of that type. In other words, I decided to create the products that I would have loved to get in the market. Currently, my cookie catalog includes 30 types of cookies, including sweet, salt, light and cookies for specific dietary needs.

Fortunately my cookies have had an excellent reception and my customers are always happy. It gives me great gratitude to know that the cookie concept that I want for me and my family has found its niche in this beautiful city.



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