Diana Vega, Dentist Group, Quito

“They were very good, even though we are not very sweet toothed”

Carol Pedauga

“Peanut butter cookies are delicious, my favorite”

Lori Zabroski

“I bought one of the chocolate cookies. It was really good”

Male Torres, Quito

“From the packaging, you can see the care and love with which these cookies are prepared. I highly recommend your service and products. Thank you very much, my little girl really enjoyed decorating the cookies”

Catalina Astudillo

“The nutritionist recommended that I eat wheat bran and, in order to eat it without it being boring, I bought the wheat bran cookies with oat flakes, sesame seeds and honey. They are LOVELY!”

Xavier Enderica

“The cookies are exquisite! The chocolate ones are my favorite”

Verónica Vivar

“Excellent product, my daughters enjoyed it immensely. I had to hide the cookies so they would leave me one for today’s coffee”

Isabel Valverde

“I shared them with my sister and she loved them, she said they reminded her of cookies that my brother-in-law’s grandmother used to make”

Katja Dobat

“A delicious and healthy snack for when I go for a walk with my family”

Fabián Rodas

“Last night I found myself sneaking a cookie to eat. They’re so good you have to hide them from yourself”

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